About The VP Training

About Us
The VP Training was created by Tay Marsh in 2020. As a fitness influencer, Tay gets the opportunity to train and inspire people all around the world to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
Tay absolutely enjoys working out, fueling his body with healthy foods, and living an active lifestyle. Even though he enjoys the fruits of labor that comes from training, there is much more than a “good-looking” physique that drives him. While working in the medical industry, Tay personally witnessed the toll that stress, anxiety and poor health does on the human body physically and mentally. Tay believe that his way of contributing to the world is to provide people with a direct path to physical and mental health.
“ I don’t want to just be known for my physique. My mission is to be known for my character and the physical and mental impact that I’ve had on the lives of others.” - Tay